On Kilimanjaro, there are 5 routes, each with two possible durations: the minimum time, and the recommended time, including additional 1 day acclimation.

If you are an experienced mountaineer, accustomed to hike beyond 4000 m, you can safely choose the minimum duration. Otherwise, we recommend taking an extra day of acclimatization which multiplies your chances of success. The success rate would exceed 95%.

To make the ascent of Kilimanjaro, there is no need to be a super (wo)man! If you are healthy, without lung or heart problems, it is quite within your reach. The physical difficulties are insignificant, and if there was not the altitude, it would only be a family outing, or almost.

But the altitude is challenging, and you never know in advance how much. For some the effects are limited to fatigue, loss of appetite and headaches. For others, these symptoms are so strong that they lead to giving up. There are no means to fight against altitude sickness, only a good acclimatization reduces effects.

Below the different possible routes. Enjoy reading!

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