The favourite of all visitors is of course the Ngorongoro. This vast intact crater almost 20 km in diameter and more than 600 m deep has the largest wildlife density in the world. This is Eden for nearly 20,000 animals that find here water, minerals, quality of grassland, forests and tranquility (almost). The lions are abound, elephants are very rare and giraffes absent, but it’s probably the only park where you’re sure to see the black rhino that has become rare on the African continent!

Only the Serengeti and its 15 000 km2 can compete in fame. It is so vast that it enables the migration of herds of herbivores which has become absent elsewhere. Nearly 2 million wildebeest and zebras have roamed tirelessly since the beginning of time, in search of new pastures. In the north, the Mara River and its huge crocodiles do not prevent their progression to the Masai-Mara grasslands (Kenya) but thousands of them will lose their lives.

At the bottom of the Rift Valley, the relatively small sized Manyara park, stretching along the lake shores, might suggest that it is of little interest. That is not the case. Its lions climbing to trees to escape the heat and tsetse flies, the hippo colonies, its herds of buffalos and birds will delight all photographers.

Another great park, the Tarangire. Beautiful scenery that combines acacias and anthills and baobab forests alone merit a visit. But it is the elephants that are the real stars. During the dry season, they are concentrated around the last points of the Tarangire River water, along with buffalos, zebras, giraffes, etc …. to the delight of predators!

And finally, a beautiful little park too unknown, that suffers from the reputation of its famous neighbors and lack of large animals: Arusha NP. Very near Arusha city at the foot of Mount Meru, one can spend a day in stunning scenery, canoeing and observing hippos dozing on the banks, hiking or horseback riding amongst buffalos and giraffes (escorted by an armed ranger), admiring huge colonies of flamingos, or having a picnic in a dream setting. It is the ideal place to spend a relaxing day between Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar!

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